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ProGold ProLink Chain Lubricant
Regular Price : $8.99
Total Savings: $0.90 (10%)

Use this lube to keep your shifting smooth and your drive train quiet. 4 oz. drip

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Finish Line Dry Teflon-Plus Lubricant 4oz
Regular Price : $7.49
Total Savings: $0.90 (12%)

Keep your chain running smooth and clean.

in stock
PMS Products T9 Bicycle Lubricant
Regular Price : $11.99
Total Savings: $1.44 (12%)

Unique solvent and paraffin wax formula penetrates, cleans, and displaces moisture. Ground Ship Only

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Tri-Flow 2 Ounce Drip Lubricant
Regular Price : $4.99
Total Savings: $0.50 (10%)

Teflon enriched formula displaces water and keeps bikes running smoothly. Ideal for cables or loosening seized parts. 2oz drip bottle.

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Park Tool CL-1 Chain Lubricant
Regular Price : $8.49
Total Savings: $0.85 (10%)

Ensure efficient performance and weather resistance for all your bike's moving parts.

in stock
Dumonde Tech  Bicycle Chain Lubrication

Unique formula forms long-lasting coat on all chain surfaces.

in stock
Park Tool PPL-1 Polylube 1000 Tube
Regular Price : $5.95
Total Savings: $0.59 (9%)

Great grease formula displaces water and prevents rust.

in stock
WD-40 Bike Dry Lube 4oz Drip

A chain lubricant specifically designed for dry, arid weather. It uses special polymers which form a protective layer over your chain, repelling dirt when mud and precipitation aren't a threat. 4oz.

in stock
Park Tool ASC-1 Anti-Seize Compound
Regular Price : $8.59
Total Savings: $0.53 (6%)

Prevent rust and corrosion on steel, aluminum and titanium surfaces. 4 ounces.

in stock
ProGold Xtreme Chain Lubricant
Regular Price : $10.99
Total Savings: $1.32 (12%)

A high mileage chain lubricant designed for demanding conditions. 4 oz. drip

in stock
Finish Line Ceramic Wax Lube

Dries to form a low friction ceramic wax coating that dirt and grime are not attracted to.

in stock
Park Tool PPL-2 Polylube 1000 Tub
Regular Price : $15.95
Total Savings: $1.59 (9%)

Great grease formula displaces water and prevents rust.

in stock
Finish Line Synthetic Grease Tube 3.5 oz.

High performance synthetic grease, 3.5 oz tube.

in stock
WD-40 Bike Wet Lube 4oz Drip

A chain lubricant specifically designed to fight off rain, grit, and mud. It uses special polymers which form a protective layer over your chain. 4oz.

in stock
Finish Line Wax Lube

A great option for protecting your drivetrain and keeping it running smooth and silent.

in stock
Finish Line Ceramic Wet Lube

Wet lube combined with tiny boron nitride platelets for incredible smoothness and durability. 4 oz.

in stock
Motorex Bike Dry Lube Spray 300ml

Fully synthetic wax and oil based formula for efficient, clean performance. Ground Shipping Only

in stock
Shimano Dura-Ace Special Grease
Regular Price : $18.99
Total Savings: $0.95 (5%)

High performance formula used in Shimano's top-of-the-line hubs for minimal friction and maximum weather protection. Ground Shipping Only.

in stock
WD-40 Bike Multi-Use Product 4oz Drip

A classic solvent/lubricant with a variety of uses. 4 oz drip bottle.

in stock
Buzzys Slick Honey Tube
Regular Price : $17.99
Total Savings: $5.40 (30%)

Buzzy's Slick Honey is a multi-purpose bike grease that's especially suited for cables and suspension systems.

in stock
Phil Wood Tenacious Oil
Daily Deal
MSRP: $9.99
Total Savings: $2.00 (20%)

Keep metal on metal contact points lubed up with Phil Wood's Tenacious Oil.

in stock
Orontas BikeCare Lubricant

Prevent cicks, creaks and seized parts with Orontas non-toxic, biodegradable grease.

in stock
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